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Accessory Dwelling Units Proposed FOUR Per R1 Lot

Why Englewood Citizens Forced A Recall Election

  • Bullying Citizens into CodeNext
    CodeNext is the update to the zoning laws that will allow developers to scrape single family homes to build large multi-family units.

    Some on city council want Englewood to be more densely populated at any cost.

    The rewrite of CodeNext looks like it was written for developers and people wanting to cash out. No studies have been done regarding crime, parking, fire response, schools, infrastructure, green space, global warming, public resources, sewage, snow removal, police response, and many other studies.

    Four Englewood City Council members don't care what citizens want and have ignored months worth of well-researched, science-based, practical testimony against ruining single family neighborhoods.

    They have been ignoring the citizens of Englewood for almost a year!

  • Infrastructure is Crumbling
    The sinkhole was supposed to be repaired. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were earmarked for this project. The same area is being affected by unknown strutural problems as before. The Sam's Automotive project is mere yards from the collapsing sinkhole.

  • Crime is Out of Control
    Englewood has a meth-house that has been in business for over sixteen years. Recently, occupants of the meth-house have been making bombs at their home, and setting them off in a near-by park.

    Homeless people use drugs openly around Englewood. Shoplifting is out of control. Citizens are being harassed for money and even robbed when they go to the grocery store.

    Colorado is number one in the United States for car thefts. Englewood sees dozens of cars broken into or stolen each month.

    Residential theft is rampant. While most criminals are not breaking into homes while owners are occupying them, criminals steal from porches, garages, sheds, cars, and open windows.

  • Business is Leaving the City
    Hobby Lobby, Big Lots, and more have left Englewood because of shoplifting, declining customers, and crime. Along with retail spaces, the commerical side of Englewood such as manufacturing, automotive services, and office spaces are diminishing.

    It is the responsibility of the Englewood City Council to attract and keep business thriving in our city. Instead, some city council has been too obsessed with making deals with land developers.

    Some on city council think they can create affordable housing, which is a problem too big for their station. Affordable housing cannot be fixed at a micro level. It is an economic illness that stems from a myriad of government mistakes.

  • Don't Take Away Our Right To Choose Judges
    Five Englewood City Council members don't want you to be able to vote for your city court judges. We believe citizens have the right to choose their judges.

  • No Dialogue - Council Members Disinterested
    Dozens of Englewood citizens have been showing up to city council meetings to voice their objections to the CodeNext zoning law changes that heavily favor land developers. Many on the city council bench do not interact, pay attention, or act like they care.

    The objections to creating more densely populated neighborhoods are well-thought, researched, intelligent, and practical. The number of citizens against CodeNext versus for it is often 20 or 30 to 1 at council meetings.

    The Englewood City Council picked the very last day possible for the recall election to be able to force through the zoning law changes in CodeNext.

  • Government Censorship
    Nineteen people signed up to replace ex-council member Wink's seat. The Englewood City Council only interviewed four of the nineteen, based on their support of Code-Next.

    The interview process was public. Not giving the other fifteen people a chance to interview publicially was censorship on the part of the city.

    The First Amendment assures citizens that they have the right to say whatever they want, and it guarantees the right to hear all points of view as well. Citizens had the right to hear what the other fifteen had to say.

    The person chosen to replace Cheryl Wink has only lived in Englewood two years. The Englewood City Council only interviewed people who agreed with the sweeping zoning law changes called Code-Next ignoring the other applicants who represent the bulk of the Englewood homeowners.

Attend an Englewood City Council meeting, Englewood City Council study session, council member town hall, planning and zoning meetings and hearings, or other important civic gatherings:

Englewood City Council
1000 Englewood Parkway
Englewood Colorado

Englewood City Council meetings are held each Monday (the occasional fifth Monday is unscheduled). Regular meetings, which include public comment are held at 7:00 p.m., on the first and third Mondays.

Sign up for public comment by contacting the clerk's office for five minutes, or an hour before the meeting starts for three minutes.

Study sessions, without public comment are held at 6:00 p.m. on the second and fourth Mondays.

Other important meetings can be held elsewhere. Englewood City Council has strict rules on how a meeting is conducted. This website is not affiliated with Englewood City government.


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